Maldives Safari Cruise (Mariana live aboard)

Maldives Safari Cruise (Mariana live aboard)

Mariana live aboard has been launched in December 2005 and is built in traditional
Maldivian fashion to provide you with the best possible comforts. Mariana possesses three decks: lower deck, main deck and upper deck. Most of the interior adornment and furnishing of the vessel are handcrafted. This luxury cruiser offers all the contemporary services and outstanding facilities for the comfort and wellbeing of the guests. The advantages of safari holiday or a lavishing cruise around Maldives are eternal, explore with Mariana the numerous islands and reefs that are set in the abundant and vibrant crystal blue Indian Ocean in a truly relaxed and comfortable atmosphere. Mariana live aboard provides enormous opportunity for space and relaxation with unlimited fun from the spacious cabins to sundeck. Mariana where the true adventure starts!



Odi Haruge (traditional place where boats are kept)

Odi Haruge (traditional place where boats are kept)

Odi Haruge:
Odi haruge is the traditional hut like structure made from palm leaves and spines. A Haruge is specifically made to occupy a building Dhoni or to keep a Dhoni protecting from rain and sun. In olden days, every Dhoni owner owns an Odi Haruge to keep his Dhoni .But today, days it’s hard to find a Haruge like this. The modern Haruge is made from steel and iron by welding it. If you want to see this old Odi haruge,some islands of Maldives still got old Haruge like this.
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Roanu Veshun ( traditional rope making in maldives)

Roanu Veshun ( traditional rope making in maldives)

Roanu Veshun:
The coconut husk is first buried in the beach within the reach of waves and left to soak for a month or so. It is then dug up and beaten with a wooden club, which separates the fibre. The fibre is then washed with seawater, dried in the sun and rolled into slubs. After that, the fibre are spun into rope by hand.

The making of roanu is locally known as ‘roanu veshun’. It is women that are mostly involved in roanu veshun. Traditionally, roanu was used in boats, construction of traditional houses or ‘fungi” houses, and to make the traditional hammock or joali.


People gathered to welcome:

People gathered to welcome:

People gathered to welcome:
Maldives is famous for the peace and the unity, the picture shows people of Local Island in the Maldives gathered in the shore to welcome people arrived to island. From traditional time, when the island ferry arrives from the capital Male’, the news of its arrival spread quick in the island, people leave their work and rush to island beach to welcome the people arrived newly to this island.

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Maldives fishermen heading to fish early in the morning:

Maldives fishermen heading to fish early in the morning:

Maldives fishermen heading to fish early in the morning:
After good night of sleep, Maldivian fishermen wake up with the first call of the rooster. They take a quick shower, perform their early Morning Prayer and head to the fishing Dhoni (fishing vessel) anchored in the island lagoon. By then, the dawn is about to begin, first they will go to a reef nearby to catch the bait, after a good catch of bait; they will navigate to open sea to find the schools of fish. As soon as they spot the sea birds flying and diving into the sea, they know it’s a school of fish; soon they approach it and start fishing by using poll and line. And before the evening falls, they will make a good catch and come back to their families in the island.

You can experience this unique fishing style in the Maldives Island, the distinctive and environmentally friendly, sustainable way of fishing is never practiced in any other parts of the world but in Maldives.


Giant Trevally on the hook, Big game fishing in the Maldives:

Giant Trevally on the hook, Big game fishing in the Maldives:

Giant Trevally on the hook, Big game fishing in the Maldives:
Maldives is the ideal place for big game fishing lovers. Maldives water is filled with different species of fish, from different types of Giant trevally, Blue Marlin, Sail Fish, sword fish, Bluefin tuna, yellow fin tuna, to big-eye etc… Since every island of the Maldives is surrounded by open sea water, it’s not difficult for anyone to do big game fishing in the Maldives; you just have to embark on a boat and head to open sea next to the island reef.

This spectacular fishing method is at its best in the Maldives.
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Fali’Jehun (Man propelling a small vessel using traditional oars):

Fali'Jehun (Man propelling a small vessel using traditional oars):

Fali’Jehun (Man propelling a small vessel using traditional oars):
In the Maldives for hundreds of years vessels were powered either by sails, or the mechanical work of oarsmen, or paddlers. Some ancient vessels were propelled by either oars or sail, depending on the speed and direction of the wind, in the modern days it’s rare to spot this method of propelling a boat but as you see in the picture, even today some islands of the Maldives is practicing this ancient method.

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Bokkura and Mas’Dhoni (Maldivian vessels) anchored in the lagoon and the shore:

Bokkura and Mas'Dhoni (Maldivian vessels) anchored in the lagoon and the shore:

Bokkura and Mas’Dhoni (Maldivian vessels) anchored in the lagoon and the shore:

Maldivians are blessed with beautiful lagoons in every island, these lagoons are traditionally used as the jetty or harbor. The fishing vessel is anchored in the deeper area of the lagoon, normally its far from the shoreline, and the small vessel is anchored just next to seashore, where the fisher man can use this small boat to embark the fishing vessel anchored far in the lagoon.

Still you can experience this old technique of anchoring boats in the Maldives islands.
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Traditional method of Night Fishing in the maldives

Traditional method of Night Fishing in the maldives

A Bokkura (small vessel) heading to night fishing:
Night fishing is one of the most common method of fishing that Maldivians enjoy practicing from centuries back. This is rarely practiced as a commercial fishing method; instead, Maldivians do this as a method of recreation. Habitually in the weekends, after busy week days of work, people rent small vessel and head to nearby a reef or an island to do the night fishing. It’s said that, a good catch can be made during the full moon nights. Variety of reef fish catch during a night fishing trip, and the feeling you get when you pull the line with a fish on the hook is the one enjoying moment you wouldn’t forget.

Try this in the maldives: